Classic Earl Grey

Smooth, light, mellow, and well rounded, with refreshing floral and herbal notes.

Gangnam Green

Baby greens and fresh spinach, a light body, and packed full of healthy antioxidants.

English Breakfast

The classic hardy flavour of morning with bold sweet undertones and a light finish.

Healthy Body Pu'er

A medium body with earthy undertones, soft notes of clay, and fresh mountain air.

Assam Wild Flush

Mellow yet bold, young sweet potato, dark, earthy, and classically India.

Dongding Oolong

Lightly smoked wood, caramel, light minerals, with a full heavy body and mild tannins.

Majestic Darjeeling

Majestic high mountain muscatel, green grapes, and a sharp Himalayan backbone.

Jinxuan Oolong

A smooth, fragrant milk-candy sweetness, with a medium body and powerful finish.

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